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Wednesday 2nd March 2016 at 12.00pm Sydney time

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If you’re one of the 15 million people around the world who has completed a strengths survey to discover the things you’re good at and actually enjoy doing at work, then you must be loving your job.  Right?

You wouldn’t have forgotten by now what your top five strengths were.  Or really intended to start using them, but never quite got around to it because you’ve had so much on.  Or even given your strengths a bit of a try, but found it didn’t really seem to work so chucked them in.  Right?

If any of these challenges sound familiar then don’t worry you’re in good company.

First I stuck my strength results in a draw.  Then I stuck them in the front of my diary so I knew what they were, but never found the time to use them.  And finally I created a small daily strengths habit, which worked great in some situations and failed miserably in others.

Why is using our strengths so hard?

Unfortunately most of us try to use our strengths like blunt instruments.  We think if we just do more of what we do best everything will work out.  But if you’re using a strength like ‘Love’ at work in the wrong way, more of this might result in a trip straight to HR!

The truth is you need to know how to develop your strengths so in different situations you can draw upon the right strengths, in the right amount for the right outcomes.   This means knowing when you’re underplaying and overplaying your strengths and how to dial them up or down.

But just how can you figure all of this out?  And if you’re a coach or a boss, how can you help others?

Drawing on evidence-based practices from the science of positive psychology in this FREE webinar I’ll show you how to uncover:

  • What your character strengths are – the ‘how’ you like to work - and when you’re underplaying, overplaying and getting them just right.
  • What your talents are – the ‘what’ you like to do at work – and when you’re underplaying, overplaying and getting them just right.
  • How you can map your character strengths and your talents to find your zone of greatness and build your personal brand at work.
  • The easy way to help others – including your boss – understand what your strengths are so you can be truly valued and appreciated for what sets you apart.


Michelle McQuaid is a best-selling author, workplace wellbeing teacher and playful change activator. She fuses the latest science from positive psychology and neurobiology with over a decade of business leadership experience to bring you simple, tested actions to reduce stress and anxiety, cultivate a lasting sense of wellbeing and happiness, and become an exceptional leader.

An honorary fellow at Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education, her work has been featured in Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Boss Magazine, The Age, Women’s Agenda, Wellbeing Magazine and more. She holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied alongside the field's founder Professor Martin Seligman, and is currently completing her PhD in Appreciative Inquiry under the supervision of Professor David Cooperrider. Michelle lives to help people discover their strengths, move beyond their fears, and finally discover what it truly takes to flourish with confidence.

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