What if you had that extra bit of confidence… maybe to ask for that promotion… or maybe just to act in the face of fear?

What if you were able to enjoy your work more… no matter your job description or project?

What if you had a bit more energy?

What if the people around you recognized your unique skills and talents… and compensated you fairly for it?

What if you were able to finally create the success you know you’re capable of?

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Well, there’s actually a science to this. It’s called positive psychology, and it offers practical strategies and tools that help boost your confidence, make you happier, and provide a platform for you to be successful.

And in this free podcast series, presented with livehappy.com, you’ll learn some of the most powerful and effective of these tools. You’ll hear from these experts…

Louisa Jewell – positive psychology and self-confidence expert

Discover simple, science-backed strategies for overcoming self-doubt… so you can have the confidence to show up and do your best work.

Margie Warrell – courage coach and best-selling author

Want to do work that matters and lets your unique strengths and talents shine? A key ingredient is courage. Discover how to stop playing it safe and uncover the meaning and purpose you long for – no matter what job you’re currently in.

Associate Professor Angela Duckworth – world’s leading researcher on grit

Grit (a passion and perseverance for long-term goals) is one of the single biggest drivers of success. Learn how to cultivate this inner strength and persevere in the face of crippling fears and overwhelming challenges.

BJ Fogg – Stanford experimental psychologist and pioneer of tiny habits

How to use tiny habits to create powerful changes in your life that deliver lasting success. (If you want to get unstuck with anything, this is an indispensable skill.)

Valorie Burton – best-selling author and resilience, wellbeing and productivity coach

Showing up doing your best work requires you create healthy boundaries with your boss, friends, and loved ones. See how to set (and keep) boundaries that respect your time and energy… without offending others.

I had so much fun doing these interviews and learning from these incredible thinkers. Even though many of them are widely published they shared things I’d never read or heard them speak about anywhere else, so be sure you don’t miss their generous insights.

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